Fitz Coatings is the technical authority and content provider for the internationally recognised and accredited training programmes provided by Corrodere.

The industry-leading education and training courses have been developed with industry experts to provide a comprehensive package of modules to ensure the user gains an insight into basic corrosion, methods of surface treatment and the application of protective coatings.

Specialist training courses have been created to meet the needs of the full surface treatment and coatings industry – incorporating programmes for applicators, coating inspectors, specification houses and owners of assets

Many of the training programmes are accredited internationally by Lloyd’s Register and fully endorsed by the Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). The courses are available in a range of formats, including online training modules and at a large global network of authorised training centres covering multiple locations.

Train the Painter

  • Coatings applicator training
  • Coatings supervisor training
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Train the Inspector

  • ICorr coating inspector training Levels 1-3
  • Pipeline coatings inspector
  • Fire proofing inspector
  • Insulation inspector
  • Galvanizing inspector
  • Thermal metal spray inspector
  • Coating inspector transition
  • IMO PSPC coating inspector
  • Certificate of completion
  • SSPC protective coating inspector
  • Practical & advanced interactive workshops
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Train the Coating Specialist

  • Diploma in coatings for corrosion control
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Surface preparation and protective coatings application should only be conducted by trained and qualified personnel. Contractors have an obligation to train their coatings personnel to recognised industry standards


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