Fitz Coatings is the technical authority and co-author of the leading coatings industry publications Fitz’s Atlas of Coatings Defects and Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Surveys.

Fitz’s Atlas of Coatings Defects

The second edition of this established coatings industry guide, Fitz’s Atlas 2 comprises a 200 page, pocket-sized ring binder including more than 190 illustrations to provide the most comprehensive visual guide to Coating and Surface Defects.

This authoritative compilation covers 93 categories and contains a total of 237 high definition photographs, which cover Welding Faults, Surface Conditions, Coating Defects, Microscopy and Marine Fouling. Each defect generally contains several examples to give the applicator or inspector a thorough understanding of the coating failure. Select the categories listed here to get further details

Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Surveys

Fitz’s Atlas of Coating Surveys is a pocket-sized ring binder that contains 18 sections on coating surveys that provides the most comprehensive detail and visual assessment for coatings evaluation.

The combined technical descriptions and pictorial reference guide covers various aspects of conducting coating surveys and evaluating coatings performance from sampling techniques, field tests and laboratory analysis to specific adhesion and porosity testing. The Atlas also covers survey techniques used for passive fire protection coatings and marine fouling.

Fitz Coatings is a technical support services provider to the corrosion and coatings industry and covers projects in the oil and gas, marine, petrochemical, renewable energy, construction, transport and infrastructure sectors.  Services include paint inspection, contractor evaluations, coating specification, coating surveys, product development and testing, expert witness, failure analysis, technical authority and support, training and coatings publications.

Fitz’s Atlas books are provided for the coatings industry and are included within the training criteria for inspector investigation of coatings, coating failure and coating surveys on a global basis


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