Transport infrastructure

Transport infrastructure

Protecting and maintaining the structural integrity of major transport links is an essential task for local authorities, highways agencies, rail operators and other asset owners.


The widespread use of protective and decorative coatings across the full range of building, construction and civil engineering works requires the highest standards of craftsmanship and technical knowledge.


Complex petrochemical plants, liquid and gas bulk storage and transportation systems are among the facilities that benefit from tailor made protective coatings solutions, which are essential to minimise operational downtimes and ensure the efficient running of important capital assets.


Marine Rapid technical development in the marine coatings sector has seen the introduction of a wide variety of surface coatings capable of providing anti-corrosion and biofouling prevention, as well as other specialist maritime applications such as tank coating and lining systems.

Renewable Energy

The often remote location of both onshore and offshore wind turbines means they are invariably exposed to constant wind, precipitation and UV levels that can increase rates of corrosion and surface damage.

Offshore (Oil and Gas)

The use of sophisticated protective coatings and anti-corrosion systems on oil and gas platforms ensures that subsea structures can withstanding the harshest of environments and weather conditions.